WWE Supercard cheats – Earn free credits and more

Building the perfect team is a never ending job on WWE Supercard game. The stronger the Superstars card the harder it will get to collect this card. Many people are looking for tricks on the internet to get the superstars the like a little faster. But we just found a complete new way to get resources for your account. Let me introduce the new way of receiving resources it is called WWE Supercard cheats and is free to access by everyone.

Step by step instructions

The usage of this online tool is held pretty simple. Usually there are no more tutorials needed to be able to use the hack. But we decided to leave nothing to chance and have written a short tutorial on how to make use of the WWE Supercard cheats tool. We may adapt this tutorial if anything will change.

  1. Enter your Username/ID or E-Mail address
  2. Press the “Connect” button below
  3. Choose how many Coins you want to generate
  4. Click on the “Hack Now” button and lean back
  5. Enjoy spending your resources

How to get the best cards

You can get the best cards by pulling the most expensive packs that the game offers. As of now these are the ultimate packages. Below we created a list what the best packages guarantee you:

Ultimate Male package: 5500 Coins

  • 1x Male Superstar (Ultimate – Wrestlemania 33)
  • 1x Support (Ultimate – Wrestlemania 33)
  • 1x Enhancement (Ultimate – Wrestlemania 33)
  • 2x Superstar (Summerslam – Elite)

Elite Female package: 5000 Coins

  • 1x Female Superstar (Elite – Ultimate)
  • 1x Support (Elite – Ultimate)
  • 1x Enhancement (Elite – Ultimate)
  • 2x Superstar (Wrestlemania – Reinforced)

Nostalgia+: 4500 Coins

  • 1x Nostalgia (Elite – Wrestlemania 33)
  • 2x Nostalgia (Wrestlemania – Reinforced)
  • 1x Support (Elite – Wrestlemania 33)
  • 1x Enhancement (Elite – Wrestlemania 33)

wwe supercard hack

These packs are basically the ones that are the most beneficial for you so focus on opening these for building your team. You have to invest a huge amount of Coins into these packs to build a complete team. Do not expect to always get the best out of them you may need to open a few packs until you pull your first Wrestlemania 33 Superstar. For the case that you should run out of coins before you completely finished your team, don’t hesitate just use the WWE Supercard cheats again. A second usage should guarantee you enough coins to get all your favourite superstars.

Upgrade your cards to the maximum

Now you can use the coins that you have still left to pull some more packs. This time we will use them for upgrading the team that you have already built before. You should upgrade all of them to the maximum level as all values increase with every level up.

Using WWE Supercard cheats can surely make difference between your team and the team of your opponent. In some cases you should make use of the right enhancements to increase your winning chances. The more rounds you are winning in each fight the more cards you will be able to pull. Even if the cards do not matter so much anymore winning is a must for everyone.